Quality Assurance for wholesale products!

Secrets of Jade offers for high quality, 100% natural Yoni Eggs and Shakti Wands for wholesale and retail in your location. A sample of each Yoni Egg we offer has been sent to the GIA (Gemological Institute os America) for examination to confirm for our valued customers that there are no chemicals or dyes used in the process of polishing, finishing and prepared for use in a woman’s intimate area.

As a Secrets of Jade affiliate you can promote our products on your website or blog with peace of mind in quality assurance for your friends and customers.

If you are planning to sell our products online, please consider our affiliate program. It’s simple to fill out and requires no commitment or downpayment for wholesale. Simply collect a commission when a product is purchased through your website or blog.

What is a GIA Report?

A GIA report represents a technologically advanced gemstone evaluation. It provides a blueprint of your gemstone’s attributes and tangible record of its quality.

Essentially, the GIA is a non-bias institute for gemstone research and if there were any dyes or synthetics used in the process of preparing the eggs, it would show in the comments of the report.

View the reports by clicking on the links

GIA Report Agate
GIA report Rose Quartz classic cut
GIA Report Rose Quartz Groovy Egg
GIA Report Obsidian
GIA Report Nephrite Jade

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