VAGINAL KUNG FU ~ To Lift, or not to lift?

What is Vaginal Kung Fu?

Vaginal Kung Fu, also known as Vaginal Weightlifting, is an ancient Taoist practice encompassing strength-training exercises using the contraction of pelvic floor muscles to lift an object inserted in the vagina. Jade eggs are common implements used for Vaginal Kung Fu.

There seems to be a lot of hype right now surrounding Vaginal Kung Fu. There’s articles written everywhere and photos of woman lifting all kinds of things with their powerful vaginal muscles and swearing this practice is a must-do to empower sexuality and intensify orgasms.

Vaginal Weightlifting has even made its way into The Guinness World Records! The title is held by Tatyana Kozhevnikova who deadlifted a 14 kg kettle bell. Now this is serious business!

There’s no doubt that increasing vaginal strength will improve the health of your body, boost sexual confidence and intensify your orgasms,

But is it really necessary to tie weights to your Jade Eggs and do Vaginal Weightlifting?

In my opinion, the most important part of a Jade Egg practice is finding ways to integrate the Jade Egg into your everyday life. Many women may try Vaginal Kung Fu more for the entertainment of the practice, but few actually stay with it. And those who do, may be going a bit too extreme with it.

Vaginal Kung Fu is definitely the fast track to gaining vaginal strength, but there is a risk of overdoing it also and causing more damage than good. Your muscles can become too rigid and loose the ability to fully relax, which is key to a healthy vagina!

Understanding the yoni muscles

The way the vaginal muscles work is the moment there’s something inside like a Jade Egg, the muscles will automatically grab onto it. So placing a Jade Egg inside and going to yoga or for a bike ride will simultaneously train your yoni muscles with your movement and you may forget all together the egg is in there.

The results may not happen as quickly as practicing Vaginal Kung Fu, but sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Less strenuous exercises as in using Jade Eggs during yoga class and a continuous practice, overtime will allow the muscles to develop at a more natural rate that may be more suitable to your body.

In other words, Vaginal Kung Fu is an OPTIONAL Jade Egg practice, not a necessary one. There are many other ways Jade Eggs can be used that don’t involve tying weights to your eggs.

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Jade Eggs come in a various sizes and materials. The large size egg is ideal for strength training and Canadian Nephrite Jade is the densest and heaviest for it’s size, meaning the muscles have to work harder to hold it inside resulting in gaining the strength needed for that powerful orgasm you are looking for.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Eggs

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How do I practice Vaginal Kung Fu?

Most Jade Eggs come with a hole drilled through, so tying weights to your egg is easy enough. We recommend using Nephrite Jade for this practice as structurally, it’s the strongest stone and can withstand having weights tied to it.

Begin with s pouch filled with other gemstones or small pebbles and once that’s mastered you may move onto a small dumbbell. For heaver weightlifting, use nylon thread rather than dental floss as it’s stronger and easier to work with.

Once you’ve attached some weight pop the egg inside, clench your muscles and stand still with your legs apart and your back upright and start to swing the pouch by thrusting your pelvis forwards and backwards to create a pendulum effect.

Count to ten to begin with and then hold onto the weights with your hand and give yourself a short break. Gradually increase the time as muscular control is gained.

Once done with your weightlifting session, lie on your back and focus your attention on fully relaxing your lady muscles to avoid them becoming too rigid. Focus on your breath and with every exhale envision your muscles becoming more and more relaxed. Take at least 10 minutes for this relaxation process.

Most importantly, respect your body and it’s limits and have fun! And who knows, we may soon be sending you congratulations for holding the next world title for Vaginal Kung Fu!

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Happy Squeezing,

Nolita Ananda