Sleeping with your Jade Egg

Sleeping With Your Jade Egg

Last night I awoke at around 1am. I was tossing and turning and couldn’t fall back asleep. My lover asked what was wrong and I explained I was having anxiety. He suggested we get dressed and go look at the stars so I could share anything I needed to talk about.

Leaving the nice cozy bed was not on my radar, but after a bit of convincing, I agreed.

It was mostly silly fears about the new journey I’m on and I find myself feeling completely out of my comfort zone. After we sat there and took in the incredible sky, he re-assured me there was nothing to worry about. I started to feel a bit better, so we went back to bed.

Once cuddled up, he reached for my Rose Quartz Egg and said,

“Here, pop this in and you’ll feel much better in the morning.” And kissed me.

Guess what? The combination of being wrapped up in his big loving arms and the gentle sensation of the stone, I soon fell to a blissful sleep. I woke the next morning feeling lovely and we had beautiful, loving sex to begin our day.

Sleeping With Gemstones Is Something I’ve Always Done

Sleeping with gemstones is something I’ve done since I was a teenager, long before I began my Jade Egg practice. I was always fascinated to read stories and fables about the ancient Mayans, Chinese, Egyptians, and Native Americans slumbering with their crystals to heighten intuition and deepen connection to spirit guides.

I would place my favorite gems them under my pillow because I felt they would enhance my dream state and help me to enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

I Later Discovered The Wisdom Of Sleeping With A Jade Egg

Years after developing a fascination with gems and crystals, I discovered the Taoist wisdom of the Jade Egg practice. At first, it seemed foreign to me to put gemstones inside my sacred feminine space, but as I opened to the practice it felt natural to combine crystal healing with yoni healing. And over the years it has since become one of my favourite feminine practices.

When gemstones are used inside the vagina during the magical dream state, our sexual energy or Chi (life force energy) is gently stimulated by the egg resting inside us. The crystal recalibrates the electromagnetic resonance of our energy, assisting in deep healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Gain Vaginal Strength While Sleeping

Even in this passive sleep state, our lady muscles are mildly at work and can strengthen during the night.

Sleeping with a Jade Egg is also an ideal practice for women who are challenged to keep their egg in at first. This is very common for women that have had natural childbirths and in women approaching menopausal age. This practice helps make the Jade Egg easier to use during the day.

My Favorite Dream Stones

At the moment I find myself in the mystical hills behind Byron Bay, Australia. The area has large obsidian deposits underfoot formed from volcanic lava. According to Aboriginal elders, Byron Bay is considered a sacred healing ground due to the powerful energy vortex that exists here.

Obsidian has a very strong masculine energy and I find my Rose Quartz to be the perfect balancing dream stone to use at the moment because it’s loving, nurturing, feminine energy.

My home in Thailand where I reside most of the year is just the opposite. It is situated on a large Rose Quartz deposit, so using obsidian when I’m there helps to raise the fire in my belly when I need a confidence boost.

Experiment To Find What Works For You

Try different stones and keep a journal. Write down in the morning which stone you used as well as take note of the kinds of dreams you’re having; chaotic, erotic, passive or peaceful.

Also take note also of what the predominant energy of that area you’re currently in is by searching what stones exist in the soil. Pay attention to what your mood was when you put the egg in and what is was during and after a few hours.

Keep in mind also, that Jade Eggs really shouldn’t be worn for a really long period of time as our delicate lady muscles do need time to relax and rejuvenate so the practice can reach optimal results. Wear it only at night and take it out in the morning rather than wear all day and all night. Find a pattern that where you minimise the time worn to 4 to 6 hours. If you get up in the middle of the night and it’s been in for a long time already, remove it so the muscles can relax for the rest of the night.

Your partner’s feedback is invaluable

If you have a partner that’s aware of your Jade Egg practice, then ask his feedback on how you appeared to sleep; if it was peaceful or restless and were there any changes in sleep patterns he may have noticed. Take time to discuss what he feels is a positive stone for you to use at night, you might be pleasantly surprised at his response; your energy effects him as you sleep and vice versa so his opinion can be valuable to your exploration.

My partner has expressed that when I sleep with my Rose Quartz Egg, it appears as if I’m having soft orgasms during the night and I always wake up feeling fantastic!

Over time you’ll get to know which Jade Eggs resonate best with your dream state and what to use when. You may also notice an extra bounce in your steps and a dramatic shift in moods through out the day with this incredible form of crystal healing.

Share Your Secrets Of Jade

After travelling for so many years, teaching Jade Egg workshops and offering online sessions, I’ve have heard many stories and patterns are beginning to emerge on how women react to the energy of different stones.

If you have any of your own experiences of sleeping with your Jade Eggs that you’d like to share, please post them in the comments below. If you wish to join my mailing list, please enter your email in the box to the right, and I’ll send you ancient Jade Egg secrets straight to your inbox.

Good night and sleep tight,

Nolita Ananda