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May is masturbation awareness month!

International Masturbation Month officially began in 1995 when President Bill Clinton unjustly fired U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders for publically speaking her beliefs on self-sexual pleasure. Since then it has become an awareness raising month on the importance of [...]

Drilled Yoni Eggs Vs. Un-drilled Yoni Eggs

At the end of the day, having an egg drilled or undrilled is a matter of personal choice, though I’m going to break down some of the pros and cons based on my experience to help you decide which is best suited for your practice.

6 ways to energetically cleanse your yoni eggs

Yoni Eggs are crystals from the earth and have a live energy. It is the live and vibrant energy the crystal omits that does wonders in crystal healing for our yonis. Once removed from the earth they need to be energetically cleansed with elements of the earth so you may [...]

Can a Jade Egg Get Stuck?

I used to have an incredible fear of my Jade Egg getting stuck. For the first few years of my Jade Egg practice I always attached a piece of dental floss as a string for easy removal. My muscles were gaining a lot of strength from my practice, which certainly enhanced my sex [...]

How to Breathe Passion Into Your Jade Egg Practice

The breath that flows through our body is our life force energy the magical ingredient to taking our Jade Egg practice to an out of this world orgasmic level. Jade Eggs are an ancient Taoist practice and the Taoists have always had a great connection to breath. Take Tai [...]

Be Empowered by Obsidian this Woman’s Day

Every year women gather to celebrate and empower each other. To give rise to the divine feminine and to help each other heal wounds. This is a cherished time to find or create a circle of women and celebrate all your achievements.

Fertility & The Full Moon

The Full Moon’s extroverted high energy creates a momentum of sexual enthusiasm and feminine radiance splashes out in every direction. Women who already have a Jade Egg practice have an increased level of sexual energy that is only amplified by the full moon power.

Can I have sex with a Jade Egg?

Now here’s a hot topic. In almost every workshop I teach, Jade Eggs and sex will enviably come up. Usually when we're getting to the really juicy orgasmic stuff, there’s always one woman with a cheeky grin that will ask… "Can I have sex with a Jade Egg?"

Yoni Reflexology

Deep within the most intimate and sacred part of our bodies lie a set of reflex points. When stimulated with love and care, they can improve overall health and empower your sexual energy!

How do I gracefully gift a Jade Egg with tact?

So you’ve discovered that jade eggs are an age-old exercise for women to heal, strengthen or improve their relationship with their yonis. You may have experienced the benefits yourself and are now ready to pass on the secrets and give them to someone you love. The [...]

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