Discover The Erotic Secret of Playing the Flute with your Yoni!

What is ‘Playing the Flute?’

The first time I heard the phrase ‘Playing the Flute with your Yoni’ the imagery that came to mind was far more humorous than it was sexy.

I imagined a female comedian entertaining a crowd of people by skilfully playing musical instruments with her coochie. I envisioned everyone laughing hysterically yet still being seriously impressed by this bizarre talent.

What I did not imagine, was discovering an ancient erotic art that involves stimulating my partner and bringing him to experience mind-blowing orgasms solely by the use of my lady muscles. I did not imagine discovering a technique that would enhance the sensations of my yoni during lovemaking and elevate my sexual pleasures….

You might say I was pleasantly surprised!


The ancient erotic art of Pompouri!

‘Playing the Flute’ is sometimes referred to as ‘Pompouri,’ and requires mastery and dexterity of our lady muscles so we can isolate them individually with grace and control. It is very possible to bring a man to orgasm with no movement, rocking or friction and just by using a pulsing technique. And it’s not only the men who reap the benefits of Pompouri, it can lengthen the duration and intensity of a woman’s orgasm also.

Legend has it that Pompouri was a secret sexual practice of Japanese Geisha’s. These women were traditional female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain male customers.

It was very rare for a Geisha to engage in sexual encounters with a male client, but on occasion under the right circumstances, she would. And in that instance she was expected to be as perfected in her sexual skills as she was in her entrainment skills. Geisha Balls were her secret training tool to mastering the erotic art of Pompouri.

This practice evolved overtime and was adapted by many asian cultures. Since then, Jade Eggs have become an essential part of practice.

So how do I learn?

Playing the Flute is learned through Jade Eggs and Shakti Wands. It takes time to develop this kind of vaginal dexterity, though the rewards of mind-blowing orgasms are well worth the effort.

To learn to ‘Play the Flute with your yoni’ you will need:

  • Set of 3 yoni eggs; small, medium & large
  • Shakti Wand
  • Natural unflavoured dental floss
  • A comfortable place to relax
  • An open heart, an open mind and a bit of patience while you learn

1. Begin with the large egg

The largest egg is the easiest to feel what muscles are surrounding it.

After your usual Jade Egg warm up, place the large sized egg, with string attached, into your yoni and allow it to find it’s natural comfortable resting place. Begin with a gentle pulsing of your lady muscles and bring awareness to what the muscles feel like that are surrounding the egg.

2. Identify and isolate the three rings of muscles

This is one set of muscles at the opening of your yoni, another around the middle where your Jade Egg is resting and another ring up top close to the cervix. Simply move your awareness to each ring of muscles during the pulsing.

Try, if you can, to squeeze only the ring of muscles at the opening, then release. Squeeze and release the muscles around where the egg is, then again up top.

This can be very difficult and confusing the first time you try it so be patient with yourself. Simply having awareness that those rings of muscles exist and can be isolated is the first step.

Practice squeezing and releasing the different rings of muscles by moving your awareness and attention to with each contraction and release. Pace yourself and go slow. Move your attention bottom to top, then top to bottom. Continue this exercise for 5 minutes.

3. Use the string

As you practice isolating your lady muscles you might find you can move your egg up and down the yoni a small distance. After you gently sip it up further, you can use the string to pull it down again. Or use your finger to push it up further and see if you can use your muscles to move it back down again. Generally one direction will be learned faster than the other and this will vary from woman to woman.

4. Use different sizes of eggs

Over time as you gain dexterity of the different muscles, you can then move to the medium sized egg and eventually the smallest.

The smaller the egg, the greater distance it has to travel up and down the yoni canal. It requires more skill to move the smallest egg but you will have a greater awareness of when it’s moving and in what direction. It’s in skilfully moving the smallest egg all the way up and all the way down the yoni that the dexterity of ‘playing the flute’ is developed.

5. Crystal Shakti Wand

Once you can move your eggs up and down, you can practice your isolations on a Shakti Wand as it more closely resembles your lover’s shape than Jade Eggs do.

Rather than using your Shakti Wand to massage yourself, practice seductively massaging your Shakti Wand with your lady muscles while holding it still with your hand. This way you can get a clear understanding of the amazing techniques you’re developing and where you might still need improvement. AND of course, it feels awesome!

Now Grab your man!

Eventually, you’ll want to put all this Jade Egg and Shakti Wand practice into a powerful and delicious experience. When you’re ready, use your dexterous lady muscles to play your lover like a flute! Pompouri is best practiced with woman on top so your lover can totally surrender to your sexual control. Indulge in the heightened sensations of your yoni while you will mesmerize him, enchant him and blow his mind in a way that has never been done before!

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