The Secrets of Jade Story

Welcome to Secrets of Jade, your number one source for Yoni Eggs. We are dedicated to offering you the very best experience on our site, with a focus on quality crystals, ongoing Jade Egg education and ancient secrets for the modern day woman.

Founded in 2013 by myself, Nolita Ananda, Secrets of Jade has come a long way in a few short years from its beginnings as simple workshops in Whistler, BC Canada for women on how to use Jade Eggs.

When I first started out, my passion to help other women connect deeply to their sexuality fuelled my motivation to create a space where quality gemstones could be purchases along with ongoing education and support for women’s growth in their Jade Egg practice.

I grew up in the heart of ‘Jade Country’

Growing up in Northern British Columbia right in the heart of ‘Jade Country,’ I was blessed to have an uncle as a Jade Carver and father as a Jeweler. I was taught from a young age about the quality of gemstones, which I use that foundation when choosing gems for Secrets of Jade. I pride myself in offering women the finest and most exquisite Nephrite Jade my country has to offer.

I have also spent over 15 years as an Aveda trained beauty therapist and this may seem a strange connection to mention so please allow me to explain.

I was a renowned in my community as an outstanding Brazilian waxer; waxing on average 5 to 10 women a day and I have achieved annual awards in Whistler, BC as being ‘The Best’ by Pique Newsmagazine on numerous occasions. I was sought after not only for my waxing skills, but for my ability to help a woman feel relaxed and comfortable as I went to work hands on, on the most intimate and vulnerable place on her body.

Everything ‘Vagina’ was totally taboo

Growing up in Northern Canada where everything ‘vagina’ was totally taboo, gaining the comfort to perform this kind of work was a skill that could only be learned and developed through the school of life.

It was awkward at first when I first started offering Brazilian bikini waxes, as I grew up in such a sexually repressed community. This was way out there for me, but the bookings kept coming. Eventually I had to get over myself and learn the magical recipe, which was to take a playful approach and make myself totally vulnerable so I could meet every woman in an open heart space. Here, she could place her complete trust in me.

I discovered the Jade Egg in a Tantra Workshop

 I began my Jade Egg practice about ten years ago from a Tantra workshop in Thailand and I immediately noticed changes in my emotions and sexual health. When I returned to Whistler, I often wore my egg to work as I enjoyed the slight stimulation of sexual energy and feeling a bit ‘juiced up’ while I worked. I felt it kept my connection to myself deeper, thus allowing my connection to my clients to grow.

Given the nature of what kind of work I was doing, talking about anything ‘vagina’ was already in discussion. My clients ranged from librarians to erotic dancers to gynaecologists and our conversations were anything but dull. I learned a lot from what they had to share.

I found myself recommending Jade Eggs to my clients as I was so passionate about the way it had opened me sexually end emotionally. Women began requesting I teach workshops as they desperately wanted to learn more. Becoming a Jade Egg coach was actually a natural progression from my years in the beauty industry.

In the last ten years I have studied at countless Tantra schools with renowned Jade Egg teachers and am grateful for their wisdom shared. Though I have to admit, there’s not one ‘master class’ that ever could have taught me what I leaned from waxing 10,000 vaginas.

Women need to express themselves sexually

I eventually left the beauty world to pursue travel and develop my spiritual practices in yoga, tantra, cacao ceremonies, mystical dance, and hoop dance. As years went on as a yoga teacher I felt a massive missing and slightly taboo link to the teachings I was sharing. I saw a need to create a space for women to openly express themselves sexually as well as spiritually and thus, Secrets of Jade was born.

We continue to grow and have expanded to many continents

Secrets of Jade now have a growing staff of women and serve women on many continents with our online Jade Egg coaching and worldwide shipping options. We have expanded our gem selection to also offer Shakti Wands; a natural alternative to the everyday plastic dildo.

We have various retail outlets featuring our eggs and we strive to set an example in the yoni egg industry. We do this by offering quality stones and with numerous articles to answer questions women have in our workshops. And if you wish to submit your own article, see our ‘Write for Us’ page.

We hope you enjoy our articles and crystals as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or wish to carry Secrets of Jade Eggs in your retail outlet, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please also join our Priestesses of The Jade Egg women’s only Facebook group to connect with other women on this practice.

Yours Sincerely,

Nolita Ananda