Join our inspired Jade Egg Workshops!

Secrets of Jade Egg workshops are designed for women totally new to a Yoni Egg practice. You’ll be in a safe space for learning with a group of women in the same place as your practice, and given the nature of our topic of conversations… Expect to have a lot of laughs and create bonding friendships with the other women in the circle.

There is absolutely no obligation to own or to use a Jade Egg to attend our workshops. We do go through exercises and some women will choose to use an egg and some women choose to just learn the exercises and do their practice in the privacy of their own home. Other women come to learn about a Jade Egg practice just to know more and decide later if a Jade Egg practice is for them. All is perfect and we meet each woman as she shows up.

Jade Eggs are available and you will need to purchase if you wish to use an egg in a workshop as we don’t have loaners for obvious reasons.

In our workshops and sessions you can expect the following:

  • A qualified, knowledgeable Jade Egg facilitator with a playful approach to teaching
  • A guided initiation ritual to connect your crystal to your heart with loving intentions before use.
  • Learn how to correctly care for your eggs
  • Discover ancient feminine secrets on sacred sexuality passed down from the Royal Palace of China
  • Practices for the modern day woman
  • Learn a sequence of Jade Egg exercises to practice anywhere, anytime
  • Gain confidence in understanding how the Jade Egg practice can be used for intensifying your orgasms and empowering your sex life.
  • Learn the erotic art ‘playing the flute with your yoni’
  • Learn how to breathe passion into your Jade Egg practice

Online Coaching Sessions & Guidance

We are thrilled to offer you the option of online personal guidance and education for your Jade Egg practice.

These sessions are ideal if you are wanting to deeply understand this practice and get the most of the money you invest in your eggs. And we offer these sessions in the same way as if we met you in person; with upmost respect.

We offer our sessions for single women or for groups of friends to do together. This is a lot of fun for birthdays, bridal parties or any woman’s celebration events.

Feel free to Contact us with questions on our sessions.

Cost: Starting at $175 CAD 90 Minutes

Once order is received by us, you will be contacted to set an appointment.