Can I have sex with a Jade Egg?

Sex with a Jade Egg?! OMG?! Really?!

I have to admit, when the topic of sex and Jade Eggs comes up in my workshops… lots of women raise their eyebrows. Some women look around at each other, some shy away waiting quietly… while others release wild outbursts and shrieks of “NO…. You can’t do that… Can you?!!”

My answer is always the same… “Yes…. You can… And I highly recommend exploring it!”

Keep in mind that Jade Eggs, first and foremost, are a woman’s sacred feminine practice. They don’t ever need to be introduced to your lover if you don’t want them to be. But if you’re willing, they can deepen your connection, enhance your lovemaking and bring you energetically closer together.

But how?! I don’t get it?! Won’t it get stuck?!

The first time I tried this, I was admittedly very nervous. I had an amazing lover that was playful, experimental and as curious as I was so he was a great person to try this with.

In good humour, I attached a mammoth string the length of a small car. I was fearful of the egg getting pushed way up inside me and get lost into my cave of wonders and wanted to prepare for an emergency removal situation incase one were to occur. This proved to be completely un-necessary, but the string did make me feel more comfortable at the time and I encourage others to do this if they need help to relax.

And the egg did not get stuck or lost… that isn’t actually possible. Having sex with a Jade Egg also taught me a lot about my yoni and all the amazing things its capable of.

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Won’t it hurt? What about my man?

The beautiful thing about our sexual bits is that everything about them is completely unique. From the way that they’re shaped to the ways in which we experience sensation.

My first time making love with a Jade Egg, I didn’t know what to expect. I almost thought it would be painful, though just the opposite occurred. It felt awesome and natural and didn’t hurt for a moment. My lover also thoroughly enjoyed it and found it to be a stimulating massage on his most sensitive areas.

Every man, every woman will have a unique reaction to this practice and there is only one way to find out how it will feel for you.

These are A few of my favourites things…

It is now a favourite bedroom practice of mine to make love with a Jade Egg and I’m happy to share with you some of my secrets.

My personal favourite stone is Rose Quartz. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and is renowned for being the ‘love egg.’ Rose Quartz has a beautiful, soft, nurturing, energy and is perfect for the times I really want to connect deeply with my lover.

Obsidian is made of volcanic lava and is known as the ‘Truth’ stone. I love this for the wild erotic, eruptive ‘throw me across the room’ kind of sex.

Groovy Yoni Eggs are brilliant for stimulating sexual energy and enhancing G-Spot sensations and they feel amazing! These yoni eggs were a suggestion from my lover after our first yoni egg lovemaking experience.

He had said “Wouldn’t these be amazing if they had some grooves in them so we could feel them more as they turned.”

I had to agree and got to the drawing board. Groovy yoni eggs are a must-try for sexual encounters and sacred self-pleasure.

I’ve only ever used a string the one time and now prefer using un-drilled Jade Eggs for lovemaking. Sometimes I also enjoy sleeping with the egg after sex to bathe in the blissful energy and enhance my dream state.

A Few Helpful Tips For Sex With Jade Eggs

  1. Master the art of laying your egg!

Ultimately, where we want to get to in our Jade Egg practice is to be able to comfortably use un-drilled eggs and remove them solely by the use of our muscles whenever we want to.

Our powerful muscles are designed to do this, so practice pushing your egg out every time you use it rather than use the string to pull it out. The dexterity and muscular control you’ll gain from practicing this will not only prepare you for using un-drilled eggs when you’re ready…. It will also lead you to full-body, mind-blowing orgasms!

And with the confidence gained from this skill, you’ll also be confident you’ll know what to do if you decide to use the string during sex and it gets lost in the heat of the moment.

Just follow these simple steps when you’re finished using your egg and it’s time to take it out:

  1. Squat
  2. Push
  3. Lay an egg!

  2. Set the space

Choose a special day such as a Valentine’s Day, a birthday or an anniversary to try this practice the first time. Take time to set the space with candles, bubble baths, rose pedals, anything you revere as ‘romantic.’

  3. Choose your egg

For the first time having sex with a Jade Egg, I recommend a medium or large Rose Quartz because of the loving, nurturing energy it emits. If you feel your lover is very well endowed, a small sized Egg may be used, though in my experience, this is surprisingly unnecessary. Over time, you’ll get to know what size and stone you and your partner enjoy so go slow and keep it playful.

  4. Talk to your partner

Talk with your partner to find out his likes and desires. Express your vulnerability if that’s what you’re feeling. This practice requires trust and every couple will respond differently. With clear communication you might even develop your own Jade Egg partner practice along the way.

I Am Here For You!

If you’re wanting to try this practice, but are nervous and/or still have any qualms about your Jade Egg getting ‘stuck,’ book an online session with yours truly for some one-on-one coaching. In our session help you to make this lovemaking practice comfortable as well as share a few extra secrets on spicing up your Jade Egg practice.

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All my love,

Nolita Ananda