How do I care for my Jade Egg?

Maintaining a high level of hygiene as you journey through your Jade Egg practice is recommended. Jade Eggs should be washed before first time use. To clean wash with warm water and mild cleanser. Boiling the eggs directly will only damage the qi structure of the gemstone or crystal.

To achieve optimum results first boil purified water. Pour the water in a cup and wait a few minutes for it to begin to cool. Then gently lower the egg in the hot water as it cools down. Be sure the egg is not cold as extreme temperature changes may cause the egg to crack. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and soak for ten minutes.

You may also massage a few drops of Tea Tree Oil into the surface then rinse off. Carved Yoni Eggs have grooves in them, and while fun to use, they do require extra care to avoid buildup in the grooves. Use a wet manicure nail brush with mild soap to gently scrub the surface.

How do I clean the drilled hole?

To clean the drilled, simply hold your egg under running water, positioned so the water can run through the hole. Then hold egg close to your mouth and blow air through the hole, followed by running more water. Repeat this a few times. You may also use an organic pipe cleaner to remove any extra residue. Dispense a drop or two of Tea Tree oil into the hole to sanitise, rinse again.

Jade Eggs and the Full Moon

When working with a Jade Egg, it can often absorb negative energy in the body, which will change its vibrational frequency. It is important to maintain a regular practice of energetically cleansing the egg to return the vibration back to its original and perfect state.

The Full Moon is an opportune time to not only cleanse the negative energy, but also to infuse the Jade Egg with vibrational power that is potent during the Full Moon phase. This lunar energy carries the vibration of abundance, attraction, manifestation and love. Simply place the Jade Egg on an agate egg stand and leave on a windowsill and leave to bathe overnight in Full Moon light to cleanse and re-charge its vibration.

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Jade Eggs are a Sacred Feminine Item

Throughout history, a Jade Egg has always been considered a sacred femininity item; therefore it should be wrapped in silk placed on an altar when not in use.