Beginning your Jade Egg practice

Starting a Jade Egg practice can be overwhelming for many women as it seems there are so many options and exercises to do. Having gratitude for beginning your Jade Egg journey can be a fantastic place to start. You’ll then need to decide which stone and size is best for you.

Which stone do I use?

If you’re unsure which stone to go for, select the Canadian Nephrite Jade. Nephrite Jade is the original stone for this practice, used by the women of the Chinese Royal Palace for centuries. Jade is the ultimate fertility stone so it carries the perfect energy to be used within the womb. Secrets of Jade has only the highest quality of Canadian Nephrite Jade available for this practice.

Rose Quartz is also a perfect stone, and I recommend this stone for anyone carrying emotional or sexual trauma, or traumas due to pregnancy such as abortion or miscarriage. It’s gentle energy is very healing especially to women who have shied away from lovemaking due to traumas and are looking for a nurturing bridge to re-inspire their sexual energy.

Obsidian is known as the ‘Truth’ stone and is made from Volcanic lava. This stone is incredible for boosting self and sexual confidence.

Royal Empress
Vitality Set

The most luxurious Secrets of Jade set is the Royal Empress Vitality set that includes a medium Canadian Nephrite Jade. This set is fully customisable to your desires so you get exactly what you want. Choose between Obsidian, Rose Quartz or Agate for your small and large eggs.

$165 CAD

What size do I use?

Start your practice with the large Jade Egg and as the pelvic floor muscles improve you may begin alternating with smaller Jade Eggs. It takes more ‘skill’ to use the smallest egg so the muscles that make sexual activity more pleasurable will improve with more focused attention. Large Eggs carry more weight so they are ideal to use for yoga and using at the office. The heavier the egg is, the harder the muscles have to work and the more powerful your yoni becomes!

Secrets of Jade offers variety sets that contain three different stones and three different sizes to make it easy to start.

How do I attach a string?

Most Jade Eggs come with a hole drilled through the top of the egg. To use, take a foot of non-flavored silk organic dental floss for a string. Fold in half and thread the folded end through the hole. Feed the opposite ends through the loop to create a hanging string from the egg. If your egg has a small hole then a thin, strong string such as fishing line may be used single threaded and knotted at the bottom.

Can the Jade Egg get stuck?

Our yoni’s are amazing, sound structures with back and side walls. Though it may not seem like it, Jade Eggs don’t get stuck; there’s nowhere for it to go. If you ever feel like your egg is stuck, lower to a squat and bare down with your powerful muscles. You’ll literally lay an egg!

Ultimately, where we want to get to in our Jade Egg practice is to be able to comfortably use un-drilled eggs and remove them solely by the use of our muscles whenever we want to.

Practice pushing your egg out every time you use it rather than use the string to pull it out. By doing this, in the event the string does come off during use, you’ll be confident you know what to do.

And with the dexterity and muscular control you’ll gain from practicing this will also prepare you for the next level in your Jade Egg practice… Un-drilled Jade Eggs!

Most of our sets have the option to exchange the large drilled egg for an un-drilled egg. If you are worried about Jade Eggs getting stuck and want to overcome your fears, these sets are a great option. You can use the drilled eggs until you gain confidence then start using the un-drilled egg when you are ready. Its always empowering for any women to try something she’s afraid of!

See full article on ‘Can a Jade Egg get stuck?’

Drilled Yoni Eggs Vs. Un-drilled Yoni Eggs

Can I use a Jade Egg after hysterectomy?

Absolutely. After having a hysterectomy where the cervix removed, the doctors sew up the vagina so that it’s closed at the top and nothing can get lost. For women who have had this kind of operation, using a Yoni Egg is ideal to prevent prolapse from having ‘extra space’ in your pelvis. Rose Quartz is recommended for it’s loving and healing vibration.

How long can I use my Jade Egg for?

The length of time a Jade Egg can be used for will vary from woman to woman. When starting your practice a half hour a day is plenty of time and gradually increase duration as your body adapts. Cramping is normal the first few days if the egg is used for too long as it’s like beginning any exercise routine; It just takes a bit of time for the strength to build. If cramping persists, it might be best to chat with your doctor to ensure everything is good health wise.

Once muscle strength begins to develop Jade Eggs can be comfortably used for 4 to 6 hours. It is not recommended to wear eggs continuously as allowing your lady parts to relax and integrate is part of developing healthy muscles. Think of it like this: If you wanted nice biceps, would you go to the gym and do continuous bicep curls over and over again all day and all night thinking more is better? No, when we put it into that context it sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it? It’s the same with vaginal muscles. You’re probably doing yourself more harm than good if you wear your eggs all day and all night, so do your vaginal workout, then remove your egg.

When it’s used for too long, you might get a mild muscle cramp and this is your body’s signal to take it out. Allow your muscles to relax and resume practice the next day.

Eggs also need to be cleaned to avoid buildup on the surface and in the hole so leaving them in for days is just not good. Overtime you’ll find how your body reacts to this practice and how long is good for your body.

Do I need to Energetically cleanse my Yoni Egg?

Yoni Eggs are crystals from the earth and have a live energy. Once removed from the earth they need to be energetically cleansed with elements of the earth so you may receive their full healing powers within your yoni.

If your egg arrives close to the Full Moon phase, leave it out to bathe in the Full Moon light to cleanse and charge it’s vibration before using it the first time. If it’s not the full moon and you are keen to get started, you may bury it in the earth, place it in a creek or simply smudge with sage while setting loving intentions into your egg. See 6 ways to energetically cleanse your yoni eggs

Will you ship to me?

Yes. We have two main shipping distribution areas, Whistler, BC Canada and Koh Phangan, Thailand. We ship Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand totally free on orders over $100. Only $12 flat rate for orders under $100. The rest of the world is $25 flat rate per order and a tracking number will be provided with your shipping details.

Ok. I’m ready. How do I start?

Find a quiet space and lie on your back with the Jade Egg between your breasts next to your heart. Begin with a gentle heart connection and set any intentions for your new journey into the Jade Egg practice. This is a great time for Breast Massage ~ See article for further instructions.

Once you are ready, bring the egg in contact with the vaginal opening. With the large end first, form tiny circles with the egg, massaging it around the opening to gather some lubrication. Allow your lady bits to relax and gently slip the egg inside. You can then familiarize yourself with the egg by squeezing and releasing your muscles.

One beautiful Jade Egg practice is to sleep with it during the night, which is helpful for women who have trouble holding it in while walking around. See full article on sleeping with your Jade Egg.

Softening and Melting!

However you choose to practice with your egg, it is recommended to finish your Jade Egg practices by focussing attention on softening the muscles. This is a simple practice that is ideal lying on your back in Savasana, but can really be done anywhere you can take 5 to 10 minutes with eyes closed.

After removing the egg, close the eyes and focus attention on allowing the muscles to feel like they are melting and relaxing. Our delicate yoni muscles can become too rigid if all attention is just focussed on building strength and allowing the muscles to fully relax after Jade Egg practice is the key to a healthy vagina!

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How can I learn more?

We are thrilled to offer the women who visit the site an option for a guided session with one of our experienced facilitators to you get the most out of the money you invest in your eggs. See our Guidance page for full details.

We also have a woman’s only closed Facebook group called Priestesses of the Jade Egg. This is a space for women to ask questions, share their experiences and empower each other with ancient and modern wisdom. We’d be delighted if you joined us!