How Jade Eggs Intensified My Orgasms

How Jade Eggs Intensified My Orgasms!

I first discovered the Jade Egg in a Tantra workshop about ten years ago. Everything about it seemed so mystical and magical that it inspired me to read endless books and articles about the practice. As I began my journey, I was a bit dubious but was informed the sexual benefits I would experience would be:

  • Increase the power of my orgasms
  • Heighten the responsiveness of my G-spot
  • Increase my potential to become multi-orgasmic
  • Increase my potential to ejaculate
  • Improve dexterity of my lady muscles; learn how to identify and isolate them

But what actually did using a Jade Egg do for my Sex Life?

When I started using Jade Eggs I noticed positive changes almost immediately.

While having sex one day, I found myself wanting to pleasure my lover with my newly developed skills. I hadn’t said anything, I just squeezed and released him when it felt right. It was like I could actually take hold of his penis as I would with my hand. I could squeeze much better, feeling more  than ever before and even meet every thrust with a gentle caress.

I remember him moaning in ecstasy, trying to compliment me on the yummy  sensations he was feeling, but was having trouble talking with his eyes rolling back into his head. It was AWESOME!!

Afters both of us experienced mind-blowing orgasms that sent shivers up our spines and blasted me into erotic realms I’d never experienced before, he asked me where I learned to do that.

I didn’t feel like getting into it then, so I just whispered in his ear…

I’m just a sex goddess sent here to pleasure you!!

What can I say?!!

Magical and mystical… Whatever you want to call it. This deep connection with my lover was enough for me to know I was onto something amazing and over the years my Jade Eggs have been an essential part of my love making sessions.

Since beginning my practice, I can tell you that increasing my vaginal strength has led me to experience better, mind-altering, full-body, ‘I just went to Mars’ kind of orgasms.

The Jade Egg itself is not a vibrator or sex toy, though it can be used in this way if you choose to. Its purpose is to increase Chi (life force energy) and to strengthen lady muscles; making them strong and supple.

For centuries, women report experiencing much more pleasure during sex resulting from their practice. The ability to squeeze and control contractions results in wilder, more powerful orgasms; with a partner, while pleasuring yourself or when using other sex toys. See also my article on Sex with a Jade Egg.

Playing the Flute

In addition, with the dexterity gained through your Jade Egg practice, you can begin to master the ancient eastern art of Pompouri or ‘playing the flute.’ This erotic art involves stimulating your partner’s penis solely by isolating muscle movement that you have developed from using your Jade Egg. Pompouri sensations are deliciously pleasurable for both partners!

The original tradition of Jade Eggs is also considered a spiritual practice, so they can provide a bridge to learning about Tantra and Taoism and I do encourage exploration of  that ancient wisdom. Please see the Taoism page for further information.

I hope you enjoy your journey towards stronger more powerful orgasms.

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With love,

Nolita Ananda