The Secrets Of Jade Affiliate Program

Would you like the opportunity to earn a commission from the people you refer our yoni eggs to?

If you find yourself completely in love with our high quality crystals and tell everyone about them, then the Secrets of Jade affiliate program is just what you’re looking for. By recommending our products on your website or blog you can earn a passive income while you sleep.

Quality Assurance with our Yoni Eggs

Secrets of Jade offers high quality 100% natural Yoni eggs with worldwide shipping. A sample of each Yoni Egg we offer has been sent to the GIA for examination to confirm for our valued customers that there are no chemicals or dyes used in the process of polishing, finishing and prepared for use in a woman’s intimate area. As a Secrets of Jade affiliate you can promote our products on your website or blog with peace of mind in quality assurance for your friends and customers.

What is a GIA Report?

A GIA report represents a technologically advanced diamond and gemstone evaluation. It provides a blueprint of your gemstone’s attributes and tangible record of it’s quality.

The Gemological Institute os America is internationally recognised as the leader in gem education, research and laboratory services.

As the world’s pre-eminent gemological laboratory and research centre, GIA is the leader in the discovery of new methods to detect and identify the latest stimulants, colour or chemical treatments and synthetics.

View the reports by clicking on the links

GIA Report Agate
GIA report Rose Quartz classic cut
GIA Report Rose Quartz Groovy Egg
GIA Report Obsidian
GIA Report Nephrite Jade

How Does the affiliate program work?

The first step is to enrol by clicking the button at the bottom of this page filling out the form. Please explain how you plan to promote our products. We will review your application to ensure your website and blog is aligned with our company vision and product range. If everything looks good, you will be approved as an affiliate.

Upon approval of your application, you will be given a unique URL and affiliate coupon code assigned to you alone to place on your website, twitter or blog.

When a visitor to your site or blog clicks on your unique URL that leads them to our website, our system will track their visit. If the potential customer makes a purchase during that visit, you affiliate account will automatically be credited 15% of that sale.

Alternatively, when a visitor uses your affiliate coupon code that you give to friends via word of mouth or display on your website, you will also be credited – Though you will only be credited a one commission per sale.

Our affiliate program is a win win situation for everyone. We gain referrals and new customers, you gain a commission for your efforts in promoting our products, your clients gain quality yoni eggs with a small referral discount.

What Kind Of Commission Am I Eligible For?

You’ll be eligible to earn 15% sales commission – excluding shipping and taxes. Your affiliate coupon code for customers is to receive 5% off in our shop.

We will pay out the commissions once a month via Paypal, or you may use your commission towards products in our shop. Please read our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions prior to filling out the form and Contact Us if you have any questions.