How do I gracefully gift a Jade Egg with tact?

How To Gift A Jade Egg With Tact!

So you’ve discovered that jade eggs are an age-old exercise for women to heal, strengthen or improve their relationship with their yonis. You may have experienced the benefits yourself and are now ready to pass on the secrets and give them to someone you love.

The problem? How can you gracefully give a vagina-tightening stone with the best intentions?! How can you ensure the delight your sister, partner, mother, daughter, or friend with the gift of jade eggs, and avoid offending her?!

Firstly, know that it would shake any woman’s self-worth to suggest that her sacred feminine space is anything less than a sparkling utopia. No one likes to think that her lady bits are loose or in disrepair. That’s why giving a jade egg “to tighten her vagina” is plain insensitive.

Given tactfully, however, jade eggs are a brilliant gift that every woman can love. Follow these simple guidelines and she’ll be happy and eager to use them right away.

“Jade eggs build our capacity to love ourselves,
others and to enjoy giving love!”

 1. Be specific about why you’re giving

Besides having great practical benefits, jade eggs build our capacity to love ourselves, others and to enjoy giving love. That’s why they help women to access deeper pleasure. When you give a jade egg, think of it as a bright extension of your heart.

For example, if you’re giving to a woman during or after her pregnancy, know that you’re offering a tool to speed up her recovery and help her to grow personally through intimate self-care.

Jade eggs also raise one’s capacity for self-awareness and are a perfect compliment to a woman with a yoga or meditation practice.

Perhaps you want to give a menopausal woman an exercise to connect deeply with her creative spark and natural vibrancy.

Or, you might simply want to share the special ability for a woman to love inwardly and outwardly, whether she is single or in a relationship, regardless of her time of life.

“I love my jade eggs because they help me celebrate my femininity.”

I use them to relate to my lady mouth with love, strength, and mindfulness – and when I practice loving this one part of myself, I feel more joy and acceptance about my whole.

How do you want your loved one to flourish with her jade eggs? Get clear on your reason, and be very specific. Your friend or lover will be delighted by your thoughtfulness!

How Jade Eggs Extend Your Heart

  • Give love to every inch of yourself
  • Give you both stronger orgasms – alone and with a partner too!
  • Give your vagina more strength and tone
  • Give continence and confidence – freedom from fear and embarrassment
  • Give yourself space to reconnect with your sensual depths and learn more about yourself
  • Give the gift of how to offer and receive more pleasure!
  • Boil up your sexual energy – and use it!

2. Make it all about Her

We all know that good gifts are for the receiver, not for the giver. Friends and family of a jade egg user will naturally benefit from their loved one feeling more confident and sensual!

And if you’re a conscious partner giving a jade egg to the woman in your life as a special Valentine’s gift, you will almost certainly benefit from her increased ability and curiosity to love herself, to experience pleasure, and to enjoy lovemaking (with or without you) more.

But above all that, this is a gift for her. Stay graceful by making her enjoyment the priority, and yours second. Most of all, you want her to reap the benefits of the practice for herself.

3. Give jade eggs with big love

Jade eggs are a conscious gift that extends a woman’s capacity to love and to enjoy giving love. Beyond all the practical health benefits of using jade eggs, this is an opportunity to give the gift of love, self-care, and genuine pleasure. For partners giving to sexual partners, this is your key to giving with tact!

Remember, you are giving more than just a tight pussy and prevention of prolapse; Jade Eggs are not only a tool to empower the receiver, but also to build greater openness between women and a capacity for sharing across any expression of loving feminine relationship.

Refuse to limit yourself by focusing on any one practical benefit. And please avoid suggesting a need for improvement or that there’s something wrong!!

Resist the urge to celebrate your upcoming access to a tighter vagina, and instead embrace this opportunity to give capital-L LOVE!

4. Connect and Learn more

Jade eggs might be completely new to the woman you love. Consider including with your gift a guided Jade Egg Initiation Journey with Nolita to help her on her way.

Using Skype, you and/or your loved one can connect and learn from the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom with our Secrets of Jade guru herself.

I also recommend showing your loved one the Secrets of Jade website where she can learn from and share secrets of jade with the existing community. There she will find exercises and personal tips on starting her jade egg journey.

5. Give space

While going on a jade egg journey can be fulfilling for a relationship, a woman might choose to start her Jade Egg journey with or without a partner. Give your loved one space to try them any way that she chooses. She may want to use them privately, and that’s OK!

In sum, Jade eggs are a heartfelt gift that can help any woman to feel pleasure and express her natural capacity for love. Proceed with this knowledge and any woman will be delighted to receive jade eggs from you!

Good luck gifting, and enjoy the journey!

Maeve Jones

maeve Jones

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