Fertility & The Full Moon

The night Ware wolfs howl at the moon…

Stories of the full moon’s effects on nature and animal behavior has existed for centuries and are characterised by myths of the ware wolfs howling at the moon. Weather patterns are believed to change drastically on this night and many species of animals use the lunar energy for successful mating and breeding.

Many indigenous tribes around the world conduct elaborate fertility rituals when the moon is full. The Botocudo tribe of East Africa, for example, worship the moon as the giver of virility to men and fertility to women. Botocudo men go through an elaborate Full Moon rituals to be initiated into the mysteries of sex while the women pray to to the moon before marriage for the power to give sexual satisfaction to their husbands.

The history of menstruation and the Full Moon

Going back to the times when we lived among the trees and under the stars, pretty much all women had their menstruation and ovulation cycles at the same time. Before electricity and artificial lighting was invented a woman body was more sensitive to the light of the moon. Ovulation occurred on the Full Moon and bleeding on the Dark Moon. This would maximise fertile energy as ovulation happened when lunar feminine energy was at it’s ultimate peek.

The very word “menstruation” comes from the prefix “mens-“ which literally means “moon” and is associated with a woman’s 28-day menstrual cycle.

Today’s increasing light pollution as well as physical stresses have had a great impact on menstrual cycles falling out of sync with the natural flow of nature. Synchronising your menstrual cycle to the lunar calendar can maximises your chance of getting pregnant at your fertile time as well as help you feel aligned with Mother Nature’s divine plan.

a few tips to synchronise menstrual & moon cycles:

  • Make your bedroom completely dark when you sleep; free of any glowing lights from electronic devices.
  • From day 14 to 17 of your cycle (around ovulation) sleep with a 100-watt light bulb next to your bed to resemble the light of the Full Moon.
  • Get up at the same time every day to regulate light exposure.
  • Track your menstrual cycles in accordance to the moon calendar and make notes of any changes.
  • Attend Full and New moon rituals as being around other women during this precious time can have a great impact on regulating your cycle.

How does a Jade Egg practice maximise fertile energy?

Since ancient times Jade Eggs have been a Taoist practice for woman to increase vitality, enhance sensuality and improve overall health of the sexual organs. A healthy womb creates a healthy space for a seed to be planted.

If you are planning to connect romantically with a lover this full moon then spending a few days deeply devoted to your practice before the moon peeks can greatly increase your fertility and sexual energy. You can then combine your Jade Egg practice with lunar energy to experience heightened levels of full body orgasmic pleasure as well as increase chances of conception.

The Secret Power of Sex During the Full Moon

The Full Moon’s extroverted high energy creates a momentum of sexual enthusiasm and feminine radiance that splashes out in every direction. Women who already have a Jade Egg practice have an increased level of sexual energy that is only amplified by the full moon power.

The radiant Full Moonlight charges up physical energies and expressive emotions making women feel alluring and receptive to sex. Lovers who meet and tap into this powerful energy often experience out-of-body orgasms. The rising feminine energy level during the lunar phase is believed to be the reason more babies are conceived on Full Moons than any other time.

How to Prepare for a Full Moon Lover’s Ritual

  • Choose a Jade Egg that enhances fertility. Nephrite Jade is widely known as the ultimate fertility stone so its an ideal stone for full moon connection with a lover. Rose Quartz is also a great option.
  • Energetically cleanse your Jade Eggs often between uses in the days leading up to the full moon to rid them of negative energies picked up during use and to return them to their pure and natural state. Smudge with sage, bury in the earth or place in a slow moving creek of running water. See Jade Eggs & The Full Moon
  • Plan a romantic evening with your lover and create a space for intimacy. Light candles, burn incense and sprinkle roses pedals around your room. Read my article on Sex with a Jade Egg
  • Spend as much time out in nature as possible a few days before the Full Moon to deepen connection to earth energy and limit exposure to fluorescent lights and technology. Walk barefoot outside, meditate, and practice yoga.
  • On the eve of the full moon take the time for a bubble bath or sea salt body scrub. Since ancient times it has been a Tantric practice for lovers to cleanse themselves so they are pure of energies for their encounter.

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Sex with your lover on the Full Moon

When you meet with your lover, you may choose to include your Jade Egg into your encounter during foreplay or during love making. Alternatively, place it on a windowsill nearby to bathe in the full moon light and whilst blessing your connection with divine feminine energy.

Take time to sit naked with your lover and spend a few minutes eye gazing while holding hands in meditation and synchronising your breathing together. This dissolves barriers and increases capacity for intimacy on a deep level. You can also use this time to set loving intentions for conception.

Allow yourself be fully vulnerable in this experience. The light of the Full Moon illuminates all; giving us space to be authentically true to ourselves and our lovers. This translates to a deep loving connection when we are open to receiving gifts bestowed upon us.

Open your heart and let divine love flow through you uninhibitedly. Celebrate life and the connection you have with your lover.

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