Drilled Yoni Eggs Vs. Un-drilled Yoni Eggs

Which is better?

Having a drilled or un-drilled egg is a matter of personal choice, though I’m going to break down some of the pros and cons based on my experience to help you decide which is best suited for your practice.

I’m personally a huge advocate for undrilled eggs. I love them. A nice solid, piece of stone is eloquent and beautiful. Un-drilled eggs also look nice displayed on an altar, and no one can tell it’s a yoni egg as once you place it on an egg stand.

Though I didn’t always feel this way.

I, like many woman, had a huge fear of my egg getting stuck. The original egg I had for many years was a piece of Jade, with a hole drilled from top to bottom. Even though I was told eggs don’t get stuck, I never once attempted to wear the egg without a string as I was positive it would get lost into the great abyss of my body, never to be seen by mankind again.

Then one day my worst fear came true. The string came off during use and caused me a great deal of hysterics. I was never taught how to get the egg out with no string. After panicking for some time, my natural instincts kicked in to push the egg out. The egg actually shot out with the amount of force I used and skidded across the floor…

See my full and quite entertaining story here

My fears instantaneously dissolved. Perhaps that needed to happen so I could overcome this obstacle in my practice. Since then, I only use un-drilled eggs. My yoni egg became one of my greatest gurus to teach me all kinds of things my awesome vagina is capable of including the ability to push an egg out with the dexterity of my muscles. Years later, I stand strong behind this choice and love empowering other women to transcend any beliefs of stuck Jade Eggs.

Ladies, I get the fear of the egg getting stuck. I totally get it. But I also want to say, it’s ok to have fears about this, and especially if you have this fear it’s just another reason to try.

It’s a bit like having training wheels on a bike when you were a child. They are totally necessary up to a point. But do you remember that exhilarating feeling when peddling for the first time after they are taken off? It’s a bit scary and you warble a bit… but then…  you start to feel like you can fly!

You deserve this knowledge!

A lot of this fear of stuck Jade Eggs stems from a serious lack of education on the anatomy of our own vaginas. We live in a society where vaginas are not talked about and this conversation makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. So it’s natural that using an un-drilled egg will trigger concerns, which are actually based on lack of understanding. Our vaginas have back and side walls, so there’s no where for the egg to go.

The good news is, you can change this thinking if you want to. Teaching yourself the art of ‘laying an egg’ will be a form of claiming your feminine power and right to knowledge and understanding of your own body. Isn’t that worth the try?

Not every woman feels this way

Of course, not every woman has this fear. I’m almost surprised when women come to my workshops and are totally keen to have their first egg un-drilled. Many of these women have had very open upbringings with parents that talked gracefully to them about sexuality. I think that’s awesome and just goes to show the differences that can result in how a woman relates to her body and her sexuality based on the environment where she was raised.

Vaginal Kung Fu

The string will be necessary if you plan to practice Vaginal Kung Fu, which involves tying weights to the eggs.

For this practice, I only recommend using Nephrite Jade, as it’s the strongest in structure. Often when learning Vaginal Weightlifting the egg will fall out and hit the ground. Rose Quartz is a crystalline stone so it’s more fragile. Tying weights to the egg continuously pulls at the hole and can weaken it as the weighted string moves around.

The crystalline eggs are brilliant to do healing energy work with and are wonderful as un-drilled eggs, but are not ideal for weightlifting. Canadian Nephrite Jade is strong enough to withstand this practice.

There are a few other exercises that involve a string, but removing your egg is not one of them. If you tend to wear your egg for hours on end, then that’s a long time to have the string in, just to ease your mind for removal.

There’s a string hanging down!

If you live on a beach or wear a bikini a lot and want to wear your egg out, then imagine a yoni egg string is a bit like a tampon string hanging down. You’ve always got to be mindful about keeping it tucked in and out of view. Undrilled eggs = no string to deal with!

And what about a hot date? You’ll have some explaining to do if wandering hands find the string, which could be entertaining, but no string might be less embarrassing. And what if you want to have sex with your egg?

Un-drilled eggs are easier to clean

Cleaning your egg is far easier as there’s no hole for buildup to gather in. Of course, holes can be cleaned by running water through them, blowing air from your mouth or soaking in water and Tea Tree oil. If the hole is big enough, then a pipe cleaner can be used. They definitely can be cleaned; it’s just more tedious work than if there was no hole.

No string is environmentally friendly

Another valid topic to cover with using the string, is dental floss does come in a plastic container. If you practice a lot, then you’ll be buying more string, meaning more plastic waste. Also the pipe cleaner will need replacing time and time again. No string = No waste.

What’s the difference between sideways-drilled holes and length-way drilled holes?

The top to bottom drill is the old school way of drilling. With the evolution of the yoni egg practice, many women have found the sideways-drilled holes have a shorter channel and therefore are easier to clean. Also with the length way drill, it means the string will be running outside of the egg top to bottom when it loops through. Of course, if this doesn’t bother you it’s no problem. Again, it’s just a matter of personal choice.

So how do I choose my set?

The Secrets of Jade shop has many options for sets. You can swap the large egg for an un-drilled egg, which is generally the egg you’d wear around for the day. Then you still have the medium egg drilled for vaginal king fu and the little egg for playing the flute, where the hole is useful for learning this practice.

Variety is the spice of life. If you are struggling to decide size, stone, drilled or un-drillled, just get a Variety including an un-drilled egg. Then all your bases are covered and you can always add to it at another time.

And if you already have a drilled egg and want to try an un-drilled egg, use the string for ease of mine. But practice pushing it out every time you use it rather than use the string. Practice, practice, a thousand times, practice.

Only use the string if absolutely necessary for removal until you gain the confidence to not use the string at all. Then you’ll be ready for the next level in your practice… Un-drilled yoni eggs!

Royal Empress Vitality Set

This is one of most popular sets. It includes a medium size Nephrite Jade, and you can choose a small and large of your choice of Agate, Rose Quartz and Obsidian. I highly recommend choosing the largest egg to be un-drilled so you have all your bases covered!

$165 CAD

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All my love,

Nolita Ananda