What is the difference between a Jade Egg and a Yoni Egg?

Same, Same, but different?

In theory, most people might believe that a Jade Egg would be made of Jade and that would be a fair assumption.

This may cause confusion when looking at an egg made of Rose Quartz and having someone refer to it as a “Jade Egg” when it’s clearly made of another material.

To understand why a Rose Quartz egg might be referred to a Jade Egg it’s helpful to understand the history of the practice.

A Jade Egg is used for a Taoist practice of strengthening the vagina and this concept originated in ancient China. In Chinese culture Jade is considered a very precious stone, even more valuable to them than gold and bares the title of ‘The Stone of Heaven.”

The Jade Egg practice was originally only taught to women of the Royal Palace. As this practice was reserved for Royalty, then of course only the most precious and valuable stone would be used inside the Queen’s sacred temple.

There was no need to call it anything else as Nephrite Jade was the only stone used. Jade is also the ‘Fertility’ stone so it makes sense that this stone was used within the most fertile area of a woman’s body. It has the perfect energy for a sacred feminine practice.

The Jade Egg Evolution

Over the years of the Jade Egg evolution and the practice spreading outside of China, many stones are now used for a variety of healing energies. This brought about the alternate name of to ‘Yoni Egg” to encompass all the other stones and to clear up confusion based upon what stone or crystal is used.

“Yoni” in Sanskrit means ‘Sacred Space,” or “Sacred Temple” or “Vagina” to be more clear.

However, many of the Taoist books still refer to the eggs as ‘Jade Eggs” as that is the traditional name. This often more refers to having a Jade Egg practice and the exercises involved rather than the type of stone used.

Having two names is the result of an ancient practice that has evolved into a modern one and there’s something very special about that. At the end of the day, both names are valid and are appropriate to use. What you call it is a matter of preference.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Egg

With all of the evolution of this practice, Nephrite Jade still known as the ultimate and most luxurious egg. On today’s market the Canadian Nephrite is what’s sought after and considered the highest quality of Jade available. Though it’s nice to explore a variety of eggs, every woman should carry this egg in her collection to really dive deep into the tradition of the Jade Egg

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