Be Empowered by Obsidian this Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day March 8th

It was Feb. 28, 1909 that marked the First National Woman’s Day in the United States and is now celebrated on March 8 every year in different regions around the globe.

International Woman’s Day originally began as a Socialist political event in which women came together to bravely speak their truth and protest at anti-war rallies.

Those magnificent women united different cultures of many countries.

The now global holiday has lost much its political fervor, however has become an occasion for women to get together in circle, express their truth, demonstrate love and respect for sisterhood.

1970’s International Woman’s Day Rally

How will you celebrate?

Every year women gather to celebrate and empower each other. To give rise to the divine feminine and to help each other heal wounds. This is a cherished time to find or create a circle of women and celebrate all your achievements. Find an International Woman’s Day celebration in your area

In celebration of all women who have spoken their truth over the ages and played a part of empowering women world wide, I recommend checking out the Obsidian Yoni Egg.

‘Truth’ stone Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava coming in contact with water and is a stone without boundaries and great empowering characteristic. Many woman find its powerful effects overwhelming, however, those who pull away from its strength are often those who need it most.

My partner knows when I am wearing Obsidian, as the energy I emit is strong and confident. He’ll also suggest I use it when I’m feeling insecure and depressed.

There are times and places to wear this stone and for most women it is not an every day egg… however a tough business or work meeting might just be the time.

Set of Three Yoni Eggs
Made From 100% Obsidian

$115 CAD

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