Feel loved by Rose Quartz this World Menopause Day

The ‘Love’ Egg for International Menopause Day!

World Menopause Day began in 1978 International Menopause Society as a way for women to bring awareness and discussions about this transitional period of our lives.

For all women, October 18th is a day that sheds light on the need to consider a healthy diet, physical activity, prevention of weight gain being involved in socially stimulating activities. It is a time for women to gather and discuss issues that are often swept under the rug due to cultural taboos. It is also a time to consider starting a Yoni Egg practice if you don’t already have one and Rose Quartz is the perfect egg to start with.

I am grateful to already have discovered the Jade Egg

I am grateful to have discovered my Yoni Egg practice about ten years ago when I was entering my 30’s. At that time, I was more excited about intensifying my orgasms than rescuing my menopausal years, but however I got started; the healing benefits have been profound.

And now that menopausal years are on the horizon, I am confident the transition will be more graceful due to my devoted Jade Egg practice than it would be without.

The Ancient Secret of the Jade Egg

Going back to the ancient traditions of the Jade Egg, this practice was always taught to woman at at a young age. Not only because it made for a better sex life, but because it was about teaching a woman the secrets of how to be an exquisite women.

Mothers would share Jade Egg wisdom with their daughters alongside teaching about mensturation rituals. It was about teaching a young woman to take care of her body and keeping her youthful vitality intact well into her golden years.

Many Western women at menopausal age have not had the kind of education that is available nowadays to the younger generations. There were so many cultural taboos ‘back in the day’ that surrounded talking about vaginas and sexuality and this has resulted in many women simply not knowing the importance of vaginal strength. Almost half women around age 50+ suffering from uterine prolapse to some degree.

Uterine prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles are weak and provide inadequate support for the uterus. This can be a devastating and debilitating condition to live with. The statics are higher for women who have had natural childbirths and never spent anytime trying to recover the delicate muscles of the yoni.

Many of the symptoms we hear of that are associated with menopause are eased by the use of a Yoni Egg. A Yoni Egg strengthens the pelvic floor and reduces the risk of prolapse and incontinence. It increases vaginal lubrication and can also increase the sex drive which just makes you feel yummy all over!

Mothers and Daughters sharing Yoni Egg wisdom

In the last few years I’ve been teaching Jade Egg workshops, I’ve had many women come to me at menopausal age to learn womb wisdom as they are noticing the effects of neglect on their bodies. And once they discover this wisdom, they wonder how no one ever told them before.

It has touched my heart that some of these women have written to me after starting their practice and experiencing first hand the healing benefits and wanting to purchase Yoni Eggs for their daughters. They want to teach their daughters this incredible feminine wisdom of caring for their bodies just as it was done in the sacred tradition .

And on the flip side of this, I’ve had daughters in my workshops talking about how their mothers and grandmothers have had surgery to repair the damages of uterine prolapse from not taking care of their bodies before it was too late. They’ve purchases yoni eggs for their mothers, knowing it would be an uncomfortable conversation to approach, but necessary and well worth the vulnerability.

I’ve even had some mother and daughter duos at my workshops and I love this!

So ladies, with International Menopausal Day approaching on October 18th, lets take this opportunity to take the shame and taboos about talking about the transitions into later years.

Make an appointment with your health provider if you need to. Start a new exercise regimin, and talk to your mothers, your sisters and your daughters about the healing benefits of a Yoni Egg practice. If haven’t already discovered it for yourself, perhaps this is a time to try it on.

Take this opportunity to explore a yoni egg practice this Menopausal Day!

Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Rose Quartz, with it’s gentle pink quintessence, is a crystal of unconditional love connecting to the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is a powerful aphrodisiac, stimulating sensual imagination and greater inner awareness. It is a brilliant crystal for healing emotional or sexual trauma and is recommended for women menopausal symptoms as it emits a gentle, loving nurturing vibration.

Set of 3 ~ $125

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All my love,

Nolita Ananda