How to Breathe Passion Into Your Jade Egg Practice

Our Breath is life’s magical ingredient

The breath that flows through our body is our life force energy and the magical ingredient to taking our Jade Egg practice to an out of this world orgasmic level.

Jade Eggs are an ancient Taoist practice and the Taoists have always had a great connection to breath. Take Tai Chi for instance; slow precise movements are performed with focused attention to regulate state of mind, emotions, and concentration resulting in great inner peace.

The same theory apply to a Jade Egg practice. Bring in the focused breathing and you will literally breathe passion into your sacred sexual practice. Breathing exercises opens the chakras and allows a woman to harness her orgasmic energy and use it to empower and rejuvenate herself.

Sexual Energy and Creative Energy are one in the same

We carry a lot of sexual energy that pools around the second chakra. Sexual energy and creative energy are one in the same. With this exercise you can move the sexual energy up the spine and use that spiritual energy to generate creative energy that can be reflected outward into everything you do.

5 simple steps to increase your life force energy

This exercise is a favourite of mine to share in my workshops and online sessions. It’s the one women are most deeply impacted by. Once learned, it’s a simple exercise can be done for 5 minutes each morning to awaken your creative energy to be used throughout your day. It can also be done for longer period of times up to 30 minutes, with breaks in focused breathing as you need them. You can gradually increase the depth of and length of breath as you lengthen the timeframe.

This breathing exercise is also a perfect Full Moon Meditation and once you master the techniques, you can also practice it with your lover. Sitting together facing each (clothing optional), holding hands, synchronised breath and eye gazing.

For this exercise you will need:

  • Jade Egg with or without string
  • Cushion for meditation. This practice can be done lying down, but in a seated position it’s easier to focus mind and stay present with the exercise.
  • Quiet place to relax with all devices turned off and out of the room to resist distraction.


1. Warm up with breast massage

You can begin with a delicious breast massage to warm up and help lubricate the yoni. This exercise is most effective if you’re a bit ‘turned on’ making the sexual energy is easier to work with. Take time to massage the outer areas with your egg then gently insert the egg. Relax for a moment, then and come to a seated position with a straight spine.

2. Listen to the breath

Focus your attention not only on the inhales and the exhales, but notice the pause between the breath. Focus the attention on the third eye, the space between your eyebrows. This gives a focal point for meditation as flickering eyes means flickering mind.

3. Inhale and visualise the breath circulating

Visualize your Jade Egg in your yoni and notice the sexual energy that surrounds it. As you inhale, pull the sexual energy up the spine, activating each chakra as it rises.

Visualize the breath moving all the way up the spine while filling the lungs fully. Notice the sexual energy moving upwards in a spiraling motion until it reaches the crown of the head.

4. Exhale slowly

The exhale is a complete release. Let go of visualization and relax the lady muscles. Allow the mind to go calm. Then notice how this beautiful energy radiates your very being.

5. Repeat the exercise

Inhale, activate the lady muscles, fill the lungs with air, visualise and pull the energy up to the crown of the head, then exhale and relax the muscles, relax the breath.

Continue with this exercise for 5 to 30 minutes. As you wish.

Once finished, remove the egg and find a comfortable place to lie back with your egg on your chest next to your heart. Close the eyes and focus attention on allowing the muscles to feel like they are melting and relaxing. Our delicate yoni muscles can become too rigid if all attention is just focussed on building strength. Allowing the muscles to fully relax after Jade Egg practice is the magic that brings this meditation together.

It’s normal to feel a bit dizzy when you first start this exercise, so give yourself time to rest. In time you will become familiar and comfortable with the sensations of the body and carry that orgasmic feeling out into the day.

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